kitchen-remodeling-2A kitchen renovation is the best way to update your house, but it can also be the most expensive.   Berry Remodeling provides you with the greatest customer value you will find in the Lowcountry.  There are costing cutting solutions, but sometimes cutting cost also cuts quality.  One way to cut costs is to refinish or reface cabinets.

Refinishing cabinets involves stripping, sanding and staining or painting them.  This option works well if you have nice wood without any major flaws.  The wood can be stained so that they look like they are brand new.  Drawer and cabinet pulls can also be replaced or added to update the look.  The downside to this remodeling option is that you do not have the flexibility of choosing from the newer options on the market such as “no slam” drawers and lazy-susan cupboards.

Refacing cabinets is slightly more expensive than refinishing.  When refacing the cabinets the basic structure of your cabinets is left in place, only the doors are replaced.  The cabinetry is sanded down and refinished to match the doors (if needed)  The advantage of this is you can take advantage of updated styles if you are working with a very out dated kitchen.  The disadvantage is similar to that of refinishing cabinets which is that you are not able to take full advantage of newer options.

kitchen-remodeling-11One work around for the disadvantage is that it may be possible to only replace a few cabinets if you are able to locate matching newer options with your older styles.  You can keep most of your cabinets and only replace a few.

Replacing cabinets is the typical choice for clients who are remodeling the kitchen.  Replacing allows you to have full control over the style of your new kitchen.  You can choose from all of the new features available. New cabinets also shorten the length of time that you are not able to use your kitchen.  There is much less down time because the new cabinets are installed fully finished.

Whether you choose to refinish, reface or replace your kitchen cabinets, you will be making the best investment in the resale value and the functionality and aesthetic of your home.

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